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About The 3Rivers Leadership Institute


Jim Dittmar, owner of 3Rivers Leadership Institute

Dr. James K. Dittmar, President and Founder

An Experienced
Professor and Partner

Is your current leadership team actively helping employees reach their full potential? Are your managers fully equipped with the tools and resources to succeed?

Hello, I'm Dr. James Dittmar, the founder of 3Rivers Leadership Institute. I utilize over 30 years of experience as a leader, professor, and trainer of working professionals to create custom training solutions for your organization that are engaging, interactive, and provide the tools to create effective team leaders.

My leadership training programs can increase productivity, strengthen organizations, and provide opportunities for people to actively apply new skills.

Leadership, Ethics, Alignment, Decision Making, Engagement, Resilience, and Stewardship.

Utilizing our LEADERS Development Model

A major focus of my training sessions is the practical application of the most important principles, concepts, and challenges that impact leaders in their everyday work experiences.

Based on the LEADERS model that I developed from my years of experience as a professor, trainer, and leader, my presentations provide a strong grounding not only in the “what” leaders face, but also in the “how” and “so what” in terms of driving these issues to the practical, behavioral level.

During this process of reflection and application, participants experience the transformational nature of leadership development.

4-Step Process To Building A Customized Leadership Training Plan

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1. Contact Me

Click the button below to fill out my contact form and I’ll be in touch to learn more about your situation.

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2. Consultation Call

We’ll schedule a call to go over your pain points and talk about specific details and trainings.

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3. Create Action Plan

Collaboratively, we’ll create a timeline and a customized training for your organization.

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4. On-Site Training

Once approved, we’ll set dates for your on-site training sessions and transform your leaders!

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