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I worked with Jim to create a customized 3-month leadership coaching and training course for a production supervisor that we wanted to promote. Upon the completion of this course, she was a much more well-rounded and confident leader that will have the tools available to ensure she will be successful. The change in her approach and leadership has been substantial, convincing the other managers and me that Jim's instruction will be valuable across our facility."

Phil, Production Manager

Cadence Corporation

Dr. Dittmar was always engaged, no matter the topic, and he enjoyed challenging our assumptions and giving us “food for thought” to ponder. He not only wanted to develop our leadership capacity but also to unlock our creativity and hidden potential, which helped to enrich our experience. I now realize that Leadership is about the process of influencing change through relationships with others to become a transformational and then servant leader.

I now actively listen more than I talk as understanding other views helps me frame and communicate my message more effectively. I have learned how to deal with conflict more effectively and increased my level of emotional intelligence as well. As a result, I am poised and prepared for new opportunities and advancement within my company."

Bill Holtz, Senior Industrial Engineer, Production Supervisor

Lockheed Martin

Dr. Dittmar provided a wealth of experience and personal mentoring and served as both a knowledgeable teacher and an encouraging friend throughout the process."

Steve Mitchel

Dr. Dittmar was the keynote speaker for our HR Department’s annual event. The day’s theme focused on the shadows we cast as leaders, and he provided an address that supported this theme perfectly.  His talk focused on how our “heads, hearts, and hands” can be used to influence others in different situations. Prior to the event, Dr. Dittmar spent notable time with the planning committee to get to know our culture, understand the day’s objectives, and design his message accordingly. His leadership expertise, facilitative delivery style, and overall good nature really added to our event. Plus, the genuine interest and partnership Dr. Dittmar provided made working with him a positive experience."

Phil Isett, Vice-President, Organizational Change Manager
Fulton Bank

A colleague at First Energy, in Work Force Development, reached out to me wondering if I could help the group gain a better understanding of Emotional Intelligence. Having known Dr. Dittmar since I was a student and graduate of the Geneva College M.S. in Organizational Leadership Program, which he founded and served as a professor for our cohort, I referred this colleague to Dr. Dittmar. 


His expertise in the area of Leadership gave me confidence that he would provide the necessary overview for understanding the importance of and basis for leaders, in this case, trainers at First Energy, applying the concepts of emotional intelligence in their training activities. His facilitative, interactive presentation was engaging and well-received by the participants.


I thank Dr. Dittmar for his efforts in educating and helping us better understand Emotional Intelligence from a leadership perspective. I appreciate his support and willingness to help get us on the right track."

Carmen, Organizational Effectiveness Consultant

First Energy Corporation

Recently, I completed a three-month coaching and training experience with Dr. Dittmar. His approach was extremely helpful as he spent a lot of time asking me questions, recommending ideas for me to consider and apply, as well as using short videos to help clarify various leadership-related concepts. We used his book, The LEADERS Model, as the basis for discussing leadership principles. 


A main concept we talked about was assumptions, the importance of identifying them, and how they impact my attitudes and behavior. He often said that learning should be transformational and knowing and challenging my assumptions are the key to that process.


As a result, I learned how to be a more effective communicator with my team and be a leader that they could trust and rely on. My ability to learn and apply new information has expanded due to his teaching. With that, I have gained the confidence I need to be successful in my new position."

Marrene, Supervisor

Cadence Corporation

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program that Jim Dittmar founded and directed was absolutely transformative. It was not only eye-opening and life-changing for me personally, but the program also had a significant impact for me professionally as well. It has helped expand the breadth of career opportunities and shape the organizations I subsequently participated in. I’m confident the original vision and mission could not have anticipated the reach of the program’s influence, as we’ve leveraged much of Dr. Dittmar’s work for our own organization’s professional development efforts."

Dave Fowler
MSOL Gradute

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