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The Leaders Model

The second book by Jim Dittmar and John Stanko, The LEADERS Model: Essential Practices for Today's Leaders.


Dive deeper into each aspect of the LEADERS Model, covering Leadership, Ethics, Alignment, Decision Making, Engagement, Resilience, and Stewardship. And how the SIC Solutions of Service, Inclusion, and Communication, when done effectively, can make a profound improvement in each area of the LEADERS Model.

"If you want to be a better leader, this book is a must-read."

-Ken Blanchard, Co-author of The One-Minute Manager and Co-editor of Servant Leadership in Action

"I used the LEADERS Model for my personal knowledge and leadership development courses. This is a common sense approach following the LEADERS acronym. I appreciated the SIC application after each section."

- Debbie Williams

"I just finished reading The LEADERS Model, by Jim Dittmar and John Stanko and found I really liked it. For individuals starting on the Leadership learning journey, this is a great book on which to build a foundation. Also includes resources and suggestions. Great read, great learning, and a necessary tool in every LEADER’s toolbox."

Chris Stewart

A Leadership Carol

A Classic Tale For Modern Leaders

By Jim Dittmar and John Stanko, A Leadership Carol is modern “adaptation” of the classic, A Christmas Carol.


Ben Holiday inherited the leadership in his fourth-generation family business, but it wasn’t long before the business and Ben were in crisis. When Ben’s desperate efforts to turn things around fail, he receives some unexpected help in a most unusual manner, and comes to grips with his own leadership limitations as he seeks to save the company he loves.


"Throughout the familiar storyline...readers are reminded that effective leadership that is relational, ethical, and service-oriented always results in positive organizational growth."

- Frances Hesselbein, founder of the Peter Drucker Institute and editor of The Leader to Leader Journal

"A Leadership Carol provides an honest, soul-searching experience. Its quick read will leave you with thought-provoking concepts making the leader in all of us worthy of the leadership role."

- Sophie Park

"BOTH books are worth reading together! Jim and John build on their previous book and weave a great approach to the Leaders Model. Highly recommended for all types of leaders looking for fresh approaches instead of stale, overworked, and utilized models! I enjoyed it!"
- Robert J. Lecocq

Servant Leadership in Action

servant leadership in action.jpg

Picture of Dr. James Dittmar and Frances Hesselbein, taken at the University of Pittsburgh in 2017, while being interviewed by Ken Blanchard for the "Servant Leadership in Action"

This text, edited by Ken Blanchard and Renee Broadwell, includes a chapter (31) I wrote about Frances Hesselbein, entitled "Frances Hesselbein: To Serve is to Live."

Servant leaders lead by serving their people, not by exalting themselves. This collection features forty-four renowned servant leadership experts and practitioners—prominent business executives, bestselling authors, and respected spiritual leaders—who offer advice and tools for implementing this proven, but for some still radical, leadership model.

Additional Publications & Articles

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