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Providing Transformational Coaching, Training, And Development To Create Leaders For The 21st Century

Leadership Starts With You

Applicable Training To Transform
The Workplace

Great leaders realize leadership is not a right or a privilege, but earned through respect and the impact of their actions. But how does someone become a GREAT leader? 3Rivers Leadership Institute provides leadership development and training that is transformational.

My collaborative and interactive approach uses real workplace examples that directly focus on the business needs and realities. My leadership training programs can increase productivity, strengthen organizations, and provide opportunities for people to actively apply new skills.

Break That Feeling of Uncertainty

It’s time to discard “traditional” and outdated approaches to management and leadership in your organization. My customized programs are designed to transform leaders who promote productivity, create a positive environment, and are resilient in the face of uncertainty.

3Rivers Leadership Institute Training

Equip your leaders with the tools and skills that are immediately applicable to their organizational role and daily duties.

Additional Leadership Resources

4-Step Process To Building A Customized Leadership Training Plan

1. Contact Me

Click the button below to fill out my contact form and I’ll be in touch to learn more about your situation.

2. Consultation Call

We’ll schedule a call to go over your pain points and talk about specific details and trainings.

3. Create Action Plan

Collaboratively, we’ll create a timeline and a customized training for your organization.

4. On-Site Training

Once approved, we’ll set dates for your on-site training sessions and transform your leaders!


Your Leadership Partner, Trainer, and Coach

Dr. Jim Dittmar

Welcome to 3Rivers Leadership Institute! I utilize over 30 years of experience as a leader, trainer, coach, and professor of working professionals to provide transformation training to create leaders for the 21st century.

I excel at mentoring and coaching professionals from all types of organizations and with varying leadership experiences. By using practical application, I coach and teach the principles, concepts, and challenges that may impact leaders in their everyday work experiences.


Positive change starts at the top and if you’re ready to transform your organization's leaders, schedule a free call by clicking the button below.

The Leaders Model Book by Jim Dittmar and John Stanko


The Leaders Model

The second book by Jim Dittmar and John Stanko, The LEADERS Model: Essential Practices for Today's Leaders.

Dive deeper into each aspect of the LEADERS Model, covering Leadership, Ethics, Alignment, Decision Making, Engagement, Resilience, and Stewardship. And how the SIC Solutions of Service, Inclusion, and Communication, when done effectively, can make a profound improvement in each area of the LEADERS Model.


Dr. Dittmar was a mentor, a coach, a teacher, and a head cheerleader. He pushed us all to dig deeper and not settle for the easiest or obvious answers. We had no doubt that he cared about us as people as much as he was committed to our learning."

Kimberly Robinson, Grant Manager
Nomi Network

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