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Join us for an unprecedented servant leadership event.

For those of you who read my previous blog about the SERVANT LEADERSHIP ON-LINE SUMMIT and are interested in registering, here are a few points of clarification in response to questions that I received:

1.  The event begins this Tuesday, October 17 and concludes on Thursday, October 26, a total of 10 days.

2.  Each day, beginning on Tuesday, October 17, at least 4 presenters will be listed on the website link you will receive once you register.  You will then have 48 hours to view these presentations at your convenience.  The next day, another slate of presenters will be listed for you to view during the next 48 hours, and so on. The registration link is:

3.  Registering for the conference is FREE OF CHARGE.   You can upgrade your registration and have unlimited access to all of the presentations, along with the Summit Tool-Kit (described on the website after you register for free–click on the upgrade tab) for $297.00.

4. You can view the schedule of presentations over the 10 days at the following link:

5. My presentation is scheduled for Saturday, October 21.  It’s an interview of me and Frances Hesselbein by Ken Blanchard.

I trust this information is helpful.  The Summit is a wonderful opportunity to hear from 40 leaders who will be sharing insights and practices related to servant leadership.  And, at no cost to you!

Thanks to those who contacted me asking me for clarification on some of the Summit details.  Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any additional questions.

Take care.

Jim Dittmar

Dr. James Dittmar is the Founder, President, and CEO of the 3Rivers Leadership Institute which began in 2014.  Prior to this Jim founded the award-winning Geneva College M.S. in Or



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