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My new book, which I co-authored with Dr. John Stanko, is now available.

Below is the press release for our new book.

Local Writers Produce Leadership Book Based on a Classic Tale

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Urban Press announces the release of one of its newest publications entitled A Leadership Carol: A Classic Tale For Modern Leaders by Jim Dittmar and John W. Stanko.

In this engaging tale, a fictional character, Ben Holiday, inherited the leadership in his fourth-generation family business, but it wasn’t long before the business and Ben were in crisis. When Ben’s desperate efforts to turn things around fail, he receives some unexpected help in a most unusual manner, and comes to grips with his own leadership limitations as he seeks to save the company he loves.

A Leadership Carol is a light-hearted adaptation of Dickens’ novel, A Christmas Carol, that teaches timeless and important leadership lessons for today. The leadership story remains the same from generation to generation, as imperfect men and women lead organizations that face constant pressures to change and adapt. A Leadership Carol is a tale of personal discovery and transformation, both of which are needed for companies and leaders to prosper and grow in the 21st century.

Here is what a couple of readers have to say about A Leadership Carol:

A Leadership Carol will speak to you in a way that could make a big difference for you and those you lead. But don’t apply your learnings only in the workplace. Take them with you into your home and community–because effective leadership is effective leadership, no matter where it is practiced.” – Ken Blanchard, coauthor, The New One Minute Manager ® and One Minute Mentoring, from his forward to the book.

“Throughout the familiar story line, important and timely leadership principles are introduced to readers, reminding them that effective leadership that is relational, ethical, and service-oriented, always results in positive organizational growth.” – Frances Hesselbein, President and CEO of the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute

About the Authors:

Dr. Jim Dittmar and Dr. John W. Stanko have decades of experience between them serving as leadership consultants, graduate school professors, and students of the art of leadership. This is their first book collaboration as they each serve their respective organizations, the 3Rivers Leadership Institute and PurposeQuest International.

For more information, contact Urban Press at 412-646-2780

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