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Servant Leadership Presentation at the Leaders Serving Beaver County “Thursday Breakfast Serie

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ time-tested way of servant leadership will be the focus of the upcoming Leaders Serving Beaver County leader’s workshop featuring the third installment of content from the popular book Forged in Steel, co-authored by Tunch Ilkin and Damian Williams. The workshop is part of the organization’s mission to raise up and develop the next generation of leaders in a region of southwestern Pennsylvania undergoing profound economic transformation.

The workshop will focus on stories from inside the Steelers’ locker room and game action that demonstrate the team’s proven principles of connecting with people by believing in and developing them. Servant leadership is “the only type of leadership that will bring out the best in others and consistently outperform other leadership styles,” write Ilkin and Williams.

To be led by Dr. Jim Dittmar, founder of the 3Rivers Leadership Institute and chair emeritus of the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership at Geneva College, the class will be held on Thurs., Nov. 17, 2016 at Penn State-Beaver’s student union, starting at 7:30 a.m. Cost is $15 for members, $25 for non-members and $10 for students. To RSVP>>>

Objectives of the Workshop: As a result of this seven-month workshop, participants will:

1. Utilize transformative principles of leadership for personal, spiritual, and professional growth. 2. Strengthen abilities to establish more effective relationships within your sphere of influence. 3. Create a personalized plan to clearly identify purpose, values and a leadership perspective.

About the Book: Co-authored by Tunch Ilkin of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Damian Williams of Leadership League, Forged in Steel is a widely praised analysis of the Steelers way of leadership. Forged in Steel is the first book to analyze leadership values through the prism of a six-time Super Bowl winning National Football League franchise and the enduring values of Judeo-Christian faith.

“This tremendous book will help our leaders unpack the reasons why the Steelers are a beloved, iconic organization and why they are able to field competitive teams year after year after year,” said Rebecca Matsco, executive director of Leaders Serving Beaver County. The book has been produced by Mark Miner of Publishing, LLC of Beaver, PA. More>>>

See what the media and corporate and community leaders are saying about Forged in Steelmore>>>

2016-2017 Schedule

September 15Inspiring Standards – taught by Dr. John Stanko October 20Contagious Humility – to be taught by Dr. Diane Galbreath November 17Servant Leadership – to be taught by Dr. Jim Dittmar – The Lodge at Penn State University’s Beaver Campus – see map January 19Strategic Team Making – to be taught by Dr. Galbraith February 16Passionate Execution – to be taught by Dr. Stanko March 16Continuous Improvement – to be taught by Dr. Dittmar April 20Mental Toughness – to be taught by Dr. Stanko

Questions About the Events: Contact Rebecca Matsco, LSBC Executive Director – email

Questions About the Book: Contact Mark Miner, Forged in Steel Co-Author and Publisher – email

More About LSBC: LSBC works to equip Beaver County’s organizational leaders with practical biblical principles they can apply in their work and workplace at a time when the region’s economy is poised for its greatest expansion in a generation. – more>>>

Click on the links below to watch the two-part interview that features Mark Miner and Jim Dittmar discussing the book Forged in Steel and Dr. Dittmar’s up-coming presentation at the Leaders Serving Beaver County “Thursday Breakfast Series” on November 17, 2016.


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